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Welcome To Paiham

Lets introduce our consumer with the name PAIHAM. It means continuous with succession and together. Both the meanings are very much correlated with our product and our goal for Juttie which we manufacture. We always look for being successive with new innovations for Juttie and bring together all our consumers to their love for Juttie.

Rohit Munparia  the founder and developer of PAIHAM who’s family started this profession by being an artisan of Juttie in the era of 80’s. Manufacturing Juttie is not only their profession it’s their passion. Manufacturing Juttie is not a single step that just put the leather in a machine and get the Juttie ready, its a process of feeling which start from the selection of best quality leather and goes through different artisans of around 14 numbers. Each and every artisan is specialist in mastership of their role. After all this process Juttie reaches to consumer’s feet to make them feel royal. Step by step my family took this passion of Juttie from daily wager to the level of one of the top stockiest manufacturer in Punjab, having 90 artisans working for them. Meanwhile I was in struggling period of life and was exploring other parts and cultures of India. The one thing that I found was missed out everywhere was the Juttie. Juttie was yet to get in to other cultures for the obvious reason. Because whenever we talk about Juttie the first picture that comes in mind is Punjab, but why only Punjab, Juttie can be the part of any culture. One day this is what I was discussing with my father on dining table that why only in Punjab, then his answer was, how? That was the moment PAIHAM arrived in my mind. That was the moment I decided to find the answer for that how by exploring Juttie in the outer world by the means of PAIHAM. PAIHAM is developed with valuable experience and utmost knowledge of my family and my own young and technical thoughts. We are in this profession for last 4 decades that is reason we know what a Juttie is. We always find the need of consumer to make it real. First priority of PAIHAM is always the comfort and full value for the money of each consumer.


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